Leanna Lindsey Hollis M.D.
Leanna Lindsey Hollis M.D.

"If you're gonna pray for me, pray big." 

Prayer...It's conversation with the Most High God, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. It's talking with Our Heavenly Father, our Daddy-God. It's that big. It's that simple.


Effective prayer begins with, and is dependent upon, a personal relationship with God the Father. That's only possible because Jesus, the sinless God-man, died as the sacrifice and payment for all our sins. Mine and yours. 


Our relationship  begins when we repent of our sins, accept His payment for them, and begin a life-long journey as a disciple of Jesus. The more we study His words on prayer, the more equipped we are to pray effectively.


When people say they're praying for me, I encourage them to pray the biggest things they can think of...not special blessings, but hearts surrendered to God, lives changed by the power of Christ, strongholds broken, bitterness relinquished, forgiveness given. Pray big because our God promises He can, and will, do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)


What ask Him to top a little prayer when we can ask Him to exceed a big one that will give Him even greater glory?


Quiet the noise of this world and listen for the whisper of God's still, small voice. Prepare your heart to pray God's will and watch with anticipation at how He moves.


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